YAY! Mall Today!!!

My friend can’t come to the mall with me though…. But It’s okay.




Yesterday I was going to go glow in the dark mini golf with my mom and friend but it was closed so instead I went bowling (the bowling place was really cool because it had black light so everything glowed) and to the arcade and ate chicken wings. I won bowling for the first time with 90 points! YAY! At the arcade I won one of those monsters, domos, in a claw machine! Only it was pink not brown. I guess it is a girl. I also got a finger trap and a giant quarter from the prize booth. I also got an icee that turned my tounge red.

I scream you scream…

What ice cream do you like? I like cookies ‘n’ cream and cookie dough but I vote for cookie dough!

What Dogs do you like?

My favorite is a poodle!    

Tiny Tower App

Tiny Tower is a fun app you can get on your phone or tablet. It is where, well, you make a …. tiny tower! If you are ever bored you should go on Tiny Tower and do many things. You can restock stores, make new floors, dress up your bitizens (which are like citizens only they are small and live in your tower!), and even go on your bitizens facebook! Only its called Bitbook and you can reach it on the menu. I have 9 floors and 15 bitizens. 6 have costumes. I have a ninja, a monster, a panda, a piggy, the statue of liberty, and one Mario costume for my bitizens. I am actually playing it right now!!! I give it 5/5! Only one warning: ADDICTIVE!!!