If you want to know what next month’s animal is, I ‘ll give you 3 clues:

1. Some people can keep them as pets

2. They have large eyes

3. They are found in South and Southeast Asia



My new addition is called animal of the month and every month I will post about a wacky animal I found on the internet. Then I will post pictures and fun facts etc. all through the month. The animal of the month this month is THE NARWHAL!!!! The narwhal is a whale. It is medium sized whale (for a whale) and the wacky thing bout them is…… they have tusks. Well, tusk. In the middle of their head their is a long horn like tusk, that makes them look like, the unicorn of the ocean. They were actually my 2nd favorite animal. They live year-round in the Arctic. Most of the time they have one tusk, but rarely, some have 2 tusks. Pics to come!!!

Something I did not know

Wow, I may have 3 of the Wierd Weird But True Facts books, but I was looking up cryptids, (See my cryptids post) and I scrolled over an image of something tat looked like a dolphin and clicked on it, it came from a post on another persons blog about 10 cryptids that turned out to be real. So I was scrolling down looking at all the things, and what is number 6? A platypus! So I read and it turns out people did not know it was a real thing! Wow, I should have known this. Thank you blogs!!!!


Today was the last day of school, (it wasn’t really a day, because we only had an hour of school) and the end of school can only mean one thing, the beginning of summer! At the end of the school day me and some friends went all High School Musical! We said “Summer, summer, summer…” until the bell rang then we sang ” What time is it? Summer time!” Then my teacher handed out cookies and report cards. It was so fun! Yay! SUMMER! Soo\rry, I got a little bit exited there. Got to go. Have an amazing summer!