I got my shirt!

My night shirt cam \e in the mail today! It says “platypus rule!” and has a picture of a platypus on it. It is really REALLY big on me but I can wear it as a night gown. … pics to come!


Something I did not know

Wow, I may have 3 of the Wierd Weird But True Facts books, but I was looking up cryptids, (See my cryptids post) and I scrolled over an image of something tat looked like a dolphin and clicked on it, it came from a post on another persons blog about 10 cryptids that turned out to be real. So I was scrolling down looking at all the things, and what is number 6? A platypus! So I read and it turns out people did not know it was a real thing! Wow, I should have known this. Thank you blogs!!!!


Today was the last day of school, (it wasn’t really a day, because we only had an hour of school) and the end of school can only mean one thing, the beginning of summer! At the end of the school day me and some friends went all High School Musical! We said “Summer, summer, summer…” until the bell rang then we sang ” What time is it? Summer time!” Then my teacher handed out cookies and report cards. It was so fun! Yay! SUMMER! Soo\rry, I got a little bit exited there. Got to go. Have an amazing summer!

Kindle Fire!

As a graduation gift, my parents got me a kindle fire!!! I have one book so far, cuz I got it 3 days ago. But I can also get apps, go on the internet, order things from amazon, and a bunch of other cool things.                                       


Bigfoot, chupacabra, and the Loch Ness monster. What do these all have in common? They are all cryptids! Cryptids are things that have not yet been proven to exist. Some people believe in them but, some just think its a pile of baloney. But who knows? Take the chupacabra, it is rumored that in Mexico, the chupacabra is a dog/alien/sharptheeth that eats farmer’s goats, chickens etc. I’ve seen a lot of videos, and pictures and each time the chupicabra looks different. Sometimes it looks like a cute grey hound, but sometimes it looks like a big creepy alien trying to eat a goat. I guess I could say I don’t believe it. I mean there are coyotes that eat all those animals. Now lets move onto the big Loch Ness monster, or for short Nessie. He is rumored to be in Loch Ness, Scotland. He is a sea monster that people believe looks like a big water dragon. Drift wood is often mistaken for Nessie. Now onto my second favorite cryptid, bigfoot, sasqautch  or the yeti. Bigfoot is a big furry guy with, well big feet. There have been many sightings of him, but many have been fake. Now onto my favorite cryptid. The jersey devil. It is something that is rumored to live in New Jersey and has leathery wings, hooves and makes a loud screeching sound. Lots of people say they have seen strange foot prints and heard screeching. I like this cryptid because, I think that it is cool how mysterious it is and I wish I could see the Jersey Devil.


An okapi is an animal that is a mix between a zebra, giraffe, and a horse. They live in the Democratic of Congo, but there were actually found out about when people found a carving, in Egypt. Male okapi’s have horns on their heads. In my opinion, these mammals are actually really cute, especially as babies. I just watched a video of a baby okapi seeing the world for the first time at a zoo, and it was ADORABLE !!


Chelsea Piers

Chelsea piers is a fun, sports activity center in New York City, it has a huge rock climbing wall (I didn’t go to the top, I am afraid of heights) to large indoor fields, a gymnastic part,(my favorite was gymnastics) I like gymnastics because they have a small trampoline, and a vault that you jump on and then into a giant pit of foam blocks (FUN) and a rope where you swing into ANOTHER giant pit of foam! (EVEN MORE FUN) Chelsea piers is a fun family place that you will LOVE!