About Methinky

I love purple,and platypuses (or platypi?) My favorite food is cookies, I like country music, and this is my first blog. My favorite kinds of cookies are girl scouts thin mints. I like drawing and art but I am not sure what I want to be when I grow up, maybe an author. I love poodles, and I have a real toy poodle. it’s kind of confusing because the word toy makes it sound like she is not real but she is alive. I started this blog because well, I was bored!


4 responses to “About Methinky

  1. Joanne ⋅

    OMG! I want to be an author too! I LOVE writing stories! My goal for this summer is to have a story I wrote in a publishers office!!!!

  2. Joanne ⋅

    Being an author would be well, a dream come true!

    • methinky

      Yes because, well it is very hard to publish a book. Harry Potter was turned down by 9 publishers! Wow, they have no taste in books whoever they are!

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