Storm King Museum of Sculptures

I just went to Storm King, an awesome sculpture museum in New York. It is all outside. The sculptures all have really amazing looks and stories. This is a great museum if you are into art, or sculpting. It has lots of cool things and I even saw goslings!!!! Lol. Anyway, this is a great museum, but warning: LOT OF WALKING!!!!!!! -1 point for the walk. I rate Storm King 4/5.


I <3 Adele!!!

Adele is a very skilled singer, and I love her songs. She has an amazing voice!!! My favorite song  by her is Rumor Has It, because it is a little bit faster than her other songs, and it is fun to sing and dance to. I also like Someone Like You, Rolling in the Deep, and one of her earlier songs, Chasing Pavements. I LOVE ADELE!!!

Play part 2

Remember the play I mentioned a few posts ago? If you don’t, my school is having a play and my 2 parts I wanted to play were, the alien or a dancing snail. I was an alien! I got my part a few days ago. YAY!


I noticed that I have gotten more and more comments every week! Now I have 48 comments, and all I want to say is  THANKS! Thanks for reading and commenting and liking my blog! I FEEL SO FAMOUS!!! Lol, jk. I love writing on here!

The Big Six Zero!!!

This is my 60th post so I want to make it special! So here is a poem about my blog:

M is for Monotreme lover ( monotreme is egg laying mammals)
E is for Easy to write and read
T is for Thinky
H is for Hard work to manage sometimes
I is for Ice Cream Poll
N is for Normal Posts
K is for Kangaroo ( I don’t know why just kangaroo)
Y is for Yay!!!! I love writing on here!!!

Just Walked For JDRF

JDRF ( juvenile diabetes research foundation) hosted a walk for diabetes at my school. We walked around my school, and raised money for research for curing young kids with diabetes. It was amazing and I am happy that we walked for such an important reason.