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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

I have minecraft on my smart phone, and its my favorite app!!!! I am so addicted! It has 2 modes:
Creative Mode
Creative mode can make worlds that you can build things in. It gives endless supplies of all blocks. Its fun to just be creative and make houses. I have 3 creative worlds and I have one with a big house, one with a small house next to a waterfall, and one with like a huge house with no roof and its own gift shop, a very tall building, a diving board into a pool and a bunch of other things.

Survival Mode
I love survival mode!!! Survival mode is more of a game. It does not give you supplies. You have to collect different supplies and craft bows and arrows, sugar, swords and lots of other things. But at night zombies, tarantulas, and skeletons with bows and arrows come out and you have to fight them (or hide from them like me) and you get lives and if you lose all of your lives you die ( but when restart everything you built is still there but all your weapons and everything you gathered gets lost) I have a house that’s small and I have a panic room (because skeletons can shoot through the doors) and a smaller panic room inside the panic room ( I get really panicky)

I rate it 5/5!!!


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