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The Big Six Zero!!!

This is my 60th post so I want to make it special! So here is a poem about my blog:

M is for Monotreme lover ( monotreme is egg laying mammals)
E is for Easy to write and read
T is for Thinky
H is for Hard work to manage sometimes
I is for Ice Cream Poll
N is for Normal Posts
K is for Kangaroo ( I don’t know why just kangaroo)
Y is for Yay!!!! I love writing on here!!!

About methinky

I love purple, platypuses, country music, and cookies!

3 responses to “The Big Six Zero!!!

  1. Well I really enjoyed reading it. This post procured by you is very constructive for proper planning.

  2. I like your writing style really loving this internet site. “Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.” by Thomas Jones.

  3. Joanne ⋅

    KANGAROOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY R ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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