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What Girl Scout Cookie Are You? Quiz

What girl scout cookie are you? Take the quiz and find out!

1. If you had to choose you would be a(n)

A. Designer (of anything like clothes, houses, etc.)

B. Author

C. I don’t know! Lets just wait and see

2.  Most people describe you as

A. Creative

B. Funny

C. Normal

3. Your style is

A. Anything that is in

B. dresses or skirts

C. just a t-shirt and pants

If you got mostly A’s your a thin mint, a nice chocolate and mint cookie. That means you a very popular, your friends like to be like you, you are caring and nice. You can always be counted on to do a good job on projects from school, and you are very creative.

If you get mostly B’s your a Savannah Smile, which are lemon cookies in the shape of smiles and covered in powdered sugar. You are sweet, and you like making people smile. You always look on the upside of things and don’t like  to see people sad. You can always cheer up people.

If you picked mostly C’s, your a Trefoil, a classic shortbread cookie. Your average, but likable. People like you because you’re equally smart, funny, happy, and  friendly. You have lots of friends, and you can always please people.

If you got a mix of answers, you’re a Samoa, a mix of chocolate and coconut. You are great at a lot of things and have a mix of personalities. Your fun, serous, kind, sassy, friendly and shy. It may be confusing, but you can be each of these at separate times.



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