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(A Poem)

A silent lake flows,

A fish is slowly swimming,

A fawn gracefully leaps through the grass,

A bird coos and settles down in her nest,

All is calm,


A bear roars from far away and all the wolves start howling,

A bear carefully walks towards the lake,

The birds flies out of her nest,

The fawn runs to her mother,

But the fish is stuck swimming.

The bear approaches the lake and sits,

Then slowly the bear walks away,

and the bird goes back to her nest,

and the fawn leaps gracefully,

and the fish continues swimming,

All is calm.

About methinky

I love purple, platypuses, country music, and cookies!

One response to “(A Poem)

  1. Marrisa

    Hey Atria! It’s Wisma! I love this poem! Just to tell you my codename is Marrisa so don’t be suprised.

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