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) My Spring Break)

Over my spring break, I went to Las Vegas to visit my grandma. Here are some places I went to and their ratings and a few details:

Excalibur               Arcade, looks like a big castle, good for kids and adults, Medieval themed, good games, lots of prizes, big                    rating: 5/5

Flavors                   A huge buffet, has 6 different buffets to choose from, great desserts, good for kids and adults, in Harrah’s                    rating: 5/5

Mac King Show               Comedy magic show, very funny, great magic, good for children and adults, also in Harrah’s                                   rating: 5/5

Sam ‘s Town Laser Show       Western themed laser show, mechanical animals, cool fountains, very long, good songs                                  rating: 5/5

Willy and Jose’s                   A Mexican restaurant in Sam’s Town, good taco salads, big taco salads, good view of laser show                       rating: 4/5

As you can see, I had a good time. Comment and post, next up I am doing and interview, what will it be about? I will surprise you! So surprising that I do not even know what it is about!!!!! Comment what you think it should be about. I will interview one of my friends or another person that is good on the subject.


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